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Published May 29, 2018


Wilkie John Liquorish may be a young man, but he’s no greenhorn. So far in his short, hard life, he’s dug graves, driven cattle, and nearly dangled from the end of a hangman’s noose—no thanks to his ungentlemanly enemy, Gentleman Jack Delaney. Now Wilkie’s been newly deputized as a Texas Ranger—and the real fun begins . . .
At Fort Concho, Wilkie John receives word that a bounty hunter is tracking the notorious outlaw known as Phantom Bill. Wilkie John has every reason to join the party: duty, honor, redemption, maybe even fortune and fame. But he has one reason to be wary: the bounty hunter is Gentleman Jack. He tried to kill Wilkie John once. This time, he might succeed . . .



Published November 28, 2017


Tim Bryant, acclaimed author and Texan, kicks off his gritty, violent and darkly humorous new Western epic with Wilkie John Liquorish, an outlaw as unusual as his name, facing trial in 1882 Fort Worth for the deaths of sixty people and eight hundred head of cattle. Is he responsible? Not really. Is he guiltless? Not at all....


Published August, 2016


Dutch gets naked! In OLD MOTHER CURRIDGE, Private detective Alvis "Dutch" Curridge asks questions like: "Did Elvis Presley kill this poor dead girl?" "Did I kill the bastard son of lawman Bat Masterson?" and "Did Alvis Sr. leave me with the greatest mystery of them all?" Dutch Curridge leaves his beloved Fort Worth to find some answers in OLD MOTHER CURRIDGE, the greatest Dutch Curridge tale of them all. And yes, he gets naked in both a physical and metaphorical sense. It's a story about questions that lead to more questions. A story about stories, and each one comes with a price.


​Published April, 2015

When Artillery Conray Patton washes up on the bank of the Angelina River in 1958, it's both the end of a journey and the beginning of a story. It's one that stretches from the Civil War to the civil rights era, from the now-gone riverboat town of Pattonia, Texas to Senegal on the west coast of Africa. It takes a pretty big man to encompass that kind of span. Art Patton pulls it off and then some. There are skeletons and voices in Patton's past to be sure. But the real mystery is Art himself. Solve him, and the rest of the story follows.


​Published May, 2014

SPIRIT TRAP not only reunites the Fort Worth detective with his friends Slant Face and James Alto, it also brings back favorites like Ruthie Nell Parker and Verbal and Noble Whitaker. There’s a dead family in a small country house, a blind man working in a gun store, a vindictive dancehall owner and a wild animal waiting at the edge of the woods. All have one thing in common, and it isn’t their love for the Texas two-step.


​Published May, 2013

Fort Worth, TX detective Alvis "Dutch" Curridge is back, and he's bringing Slant Face Sanders and the gang along for the ride of their lives. When the bartender at his favorite hangout, Peechie Keen's, is murdered, it's up to Dutch to set things right. And this time, he has to do it without Ruthie Nell Parker.



Published August, 2010

Part TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and part UGETSU, Bryant's DUTCH CURRIDGE examines the life of early 1950s Fort Worth from the bottom up. Alvis Curridge is an ex-employee of the Fort Worth Sheriff's Department. When he isn't found at Peechie Keen's Bar & Kanteen, drinking and swapping stories with buddies, he is busy trying to Keep things in line around Cowtown. Even if that means occasionally tangling with his former boss. In his spare time, he enjoys taking in the local music scene. He likes western swing and jazz music almost as much as he likes Ruthie Nell, the spunky writer for the Fort Worth Press. Things are all going smoothly until Dutch is contacted by an old friend to help locate her missing son. Hard boiled crime and mystery meets good old fashioned ghost story as Dutch, who knows a great deal about the ways of the world, learns a little about himself and how he fits into the scheme of things.

Keachi: A Faery Tale
Published February, 2012 / Republished 2014

Belenus Creagh, a real, authentic faery who originated in the countryside of Ireland, is a fan of American TV westerns. So much so that he has traveled through the Fairy Mound, arriving at the Caddo Indian mounds of East Texas. Finding Texas to be not quite like he anticipated, he begins to explore his surroundings, eventually settling in the small town of Keachi, Louisiana. There he befriends a young spirit named Lalari who almost gets him into more trouble than he can get out of. So that Lalari will have a playmate, Belenus agrees to kidnap a human child. He doesn't expect to be so moved, watching the child's single mother crying over her lost son on local TV. Belenus might be able to return the child and look like a hero. But things will never work out that easily.