Subterranean Press

​Published July, 2013

Featuring Neil Gaiman, Charlaine Harris, Anne Perry, Joe R. Lansdale and more. Edited by Kasey Lansdale

"Doll’s Eyes" by Tim Bryant
When people think of flowers, they usually imagine daisies, roses, or lilies. In Tim Bryant’s story, the flowers are creepy, poisonous, grotesque outgrowths of something even more evil. Out of all of the stories, this was my favorite monster of all, not least because the flowers that inspired the story actually exist.
Kelly J. Doran


Biting Dog Press

Published September, 2012

Fresh Blood, Old Bones showcases the work of new and established writers in horror, fantasy, and science fiction (with bizarre thrown in for good measure). Enjoy eighteen tales as true masters of the genre (including Joe R. Lansdale, Nancy Collins, and Neal Barrett Jr.) combine their talents with stories from up-and-comers (including Tim Bryant, Monica J. O'Rourke, John Paul Allen, and many others) in this unique and exciting anthology.

"Smuggling Carrion Into Kingdom Come" - Tim Bryant

In The Forest: A Creepy Collection Of Strange Tales


Published January, 2012

From the depths of the East Texas pine forest, emerge five authors, drawn together by their passion for storytelling, and their unique art of frightening innocent children and old women. Their redneck Voodoo style of storytelling will enchant readers with tales of zombies, cannibals, creepy creatures, love, life, death, and the strange Mojo one might find in between.

"Scarecrow Sheriff," "Dog Murderer," and "Blackbirds" - Tim Bryant

Mule Tales: An anthology benefiting 
The Runaway Mule, Nacogdoches, TX


Published May, 2012

The Runaway Mule in Nacogdoches, Texas is a culture shop that supports the local arts. It is my family's store. Each of the writers within these pages has been a friend, a personal influence and a supporter of me, my family and the store itself. Joe Lansdale has been part of the very foundation of The Runaway Mule, as have John and Christine. Jen and Brett were cornerstones during the store's first year. I am proud to say that the names within this collection are not only incredibly good and generous friends. They are amazingly talented writers. Enjoy this collection and know that your purchase makes you a supporter of the arts and a Friend of the Mule. You are behooven.

Featuring Joe R. Lansdale, John A. McDermott, Christine Butterworth-McDermott, Matt Batt, and more.

"The Absolutely True Story of the Baby of Bonnie and Clyde" - Tim Bryant